Curation Criteria – A Group Assignment

I know many people may feel differently than me about this, but I love working with people on assignments. I know that there are obvious challenges to group work, but I learn so much more when I work with others. Overall, our group assignment creating the curation checklist was a success. Melodie took charge, started a document, and the collaborative efforts from the team followed her lead.

I am amazed at the variety of tools we  have that allow us to communicate. Facebook chat, Google Docs, and email were being used to share ideas, ask questions, and clarify information. Interestingly, I don’t think that there was a time that all there was a time when our three person team was working on the assignment at the same time. Sometimes we worked alone, only to come feedback upon our return the document. Other times there may have been two of us working at the same time. I loved that we were able to question one another’s work. When working alone, there is no one to question what I produce except for myself, and that is very limiting. Ideas were put on our list that I never would have considered, nor did I come across in my readings. As result of group work, the checklist covers a number of items that would have never been on a list had I worked alone.

Each member contributed time, effort, and energy to assignment. As a result, I think we have a polished product to be proud of!

It’s like I always tell my colleagues at school…Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!


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