Social Studies and Social Media

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I have recently discovered something that has made me rethink how I share my lessons. IWhile scavenging the internet for real life examples of how teachers have used social media in their classrooms, I have learned that very few teachers post reali life uses of social media. Most of what I discovered in my searches were “how to” guides or lists with ideas. While all of this is helpful, I began to wonder, “Where are the real life lessons?” As a result of finding few examples, I realized that I have only rarely shared anything beyond ideas, either. Perhaps it’s time to change that…

While thinking about social media uses in the middle school social studies classrooms, I realized that middle school is that age where most students have their own accounts without legally being allowed to have them until they reach the age of 13. As a teacher who likes to follow the rules, I looked for ways to use social media to help  students learn in a way that allows teachers to follow the law while encouraging them to connect and learn about the power of learning through social media. I found some creative ways to extend classroom discussions beyond the walls of the classroom with tools that teachers can moderate. Additionally, there was a real emphasis on having students share their learning with a public/semi-public audience. When publishing for an audience of peers, parents, and other members of the public, the quality of work can increase. So many good ideas can be found in these resources:

Social Studies and Social Media in Middle School Classrooms 


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